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Life Hacks

The ideal present for all little boys from sixteen to sixty – an illustrated book of silly poems by Nick James Illustrator.

Reddit Gen 3 Avatars Ft. @Benson­­.ink

Reddit will be dropping their Gen 3 Avatars soon and Brendan will be releasing 3 Robots into the mix! “I’m excited to announce I’ll be part of Reddit’s third generation of avatars! Check r/CollectibleAvatars for more news!” – Brendan CHECK IT OUT HERE

Who Can Make A Profile?

This is the question we get sent the most! If you are an artist, or a creative of any kind this website is for you and you are welcome to make your own FREE Robot Army Member Profile. If you have submitted art to our Instagram page, have been featured, you too are qualified! Your […]


This website was the brainchild of Arik (@drawmearobot) and Nick (@nickjamesillustrator). We wanted a place for all of the Robot Army Members to be able to see who else is in the community. Without all of the clutter, noise, ALGORITHMS, likes, or distractions. It’s meant for YOU to be able to share your art, your […]