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I need the stuff in a pretty specific format to let the website work well and I need your help.  (I don’t have the magic powers of Instagram here.)   So please grab a coffee and we can take it step by step. If you don’t know Squoosh already then grab it now.  It’s free and it’s the best.

First please prepare your logo.  This will look best in all the ways it is displayed on the site if it is either square, or a stubby portrait format but not any taller than 1.2:1 ratio (h:w). Make it about 350  pixels wide and compress it to no more than 50kB (target 20kB or smaller) for fast loading. If it’s square or rectangular make it a jpg. If any other shape or if it includes transparency then it has to be png Use the BrowserPNG option and try reducing the palette to 32 or 16 colours.

Think about what link you want us to put on your logo.  Most people have their instagram link (copy paste it from your IG feed) looking something like this:


Alternatively paste the link from your website including the “http://” or “https://”  bit at the beginning.

The nine portfolio pictures must be in jpg format.  They will be seen cropped square in the gallery, but users can click on the picture to see them full size, full resolution, with a title and short description.  Please take some time to prepare the nine jpgs with dimensions of between 1028px and 2056px wide. Compress them to less than 450kB each  – the lighter they are, the faster they load – many of those images up there already are under 150kB.

Please give them a title. It looks better, and optionally you can add a short description for each picture of about 20-30 words.

So if you’ve read this far let’s do this thing . . .

Please be patient and stay on this tab after you have pressed “send” until you get a success message.  You have just uploaded maybe 5 MB of stuff here so give it a few minutes (remember upload speeds are slower than downloads)