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DTIYS Winners August 2023

WOW! What an epic month! We’ve been fundraising, getting to see amazing art, had both finalists submit traditional art AND (I can’t believe it but it’s true) this was @nrdoggy FIRST TIME WINNING THE DTIYS CHALLENGE! Massive shout out to a very well deserved artist and friend @nrdoggy ! @dandyangelicavanniniart did not make it easy, and went all the way to […]

DTIYS Winners July 2023

We are wrapped up for July! 1st place goes to . . . @dandyangelicavanniniart 2nd place is @barry_neeson and 3rd place goes to @tyreke_the_artslayer ! Congratulations to all 3 of you and a massive thank you to @spacefisharmy for sharing this opportunity with the Robot Army! Thank you once again to all of the Robot […]

DTIYS Winners June 2023

OKAY!! 1st place is @illustrierteflachwitze. 2nd place is @starkhousecreative and 3rd place is @chica.artofficial !! Congratulations to all three of you and a massive shout out to @sketched_reality for being the cohost this month and hooking us up with an awesome prompt and prizes! We are cooking up something MASSIVE with @spacefisharmy for July. Please […]

DTIYS Winners May 2023

Congratulations!! 1st place goes to @tyme_illustration With that awesome (and unusual for him) piece of trad drawing above. 2nd place goes to @one.dark.day.arts and 3rd place is @ram0nley !! This month was phenomenal. Thank you to all of the Robot Army artists who participated and to all of the Robot Army Members who voted and […]

DTIYS Winners April 2023

CONGRATULATIONS @add_art / @add_clay_art ! This month was absolutely wild, @dooodling_dan put up such a unique prompt and the Robot Army answered the call in a massive way. @dandyangelicavanniniart came in second place and @gematimur took 3rd and for the second month in a row got to top 3! Thank you to the entire Robot Army for sharing your art and showing each other so […]

DTIYS Winners March 2023

@tyme_illustration gave us such an awesome prompt for march and the Robot Army delivered in a massive way! our top three finalists were @one.dark.day.arts followed by @benson.ink and @gematimur . The race to the finish line was neck and neck until the very end but after 245 votes @one.dark.day.arts was our first place DTIYS Champion. […]

DTIYS Winners
January 2023

What an epic month! What incredible talent we have in the Robot Army. Every month you all impress and raise the bar higher and higher. I love seeing you all hype each other up and push each other to the very top. Congratulations @iamzootartist for winning this month’s DTIYS CHALLENGE. It was a very hard-fought […]

DTIYS Winners
December 2022

THATS IT!!!! WE ARE ALL SET! 1ST PLACE IS @dickdavid_sketches 2nd place is @zeropsyche 3rd place is @jimrow !! Congratulations to the 3 of you and to the entire Robot Army! This was an epic end to an incredible year full of art, great challenges and a ton of new members. You three are also […]

DTIYS Winners
November 2022

That’s it! We have our scores! First place for the second month in a row goes to @spel_killz! Second place to @sir.one.toys And third to @spzero76 Congratulations to our top 3. Not only did you get the prized spots for the month but all 3 of you are now entered in the January tournament of […]

DTIYS Winners
October 2022

WE ARE DONE! And October’s first place goes to the epic art above by @spel_killz 2nd. @dandyangelicavanniniart 3rd. @benson.ink Congratulations to our top 3! Thank you so much @sketched_reality for putting together this amazing prompt for us this month and a massive shout out to the entire Robot Army. You all always show up and […]