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DTIYS Winners
January 2023

What an epic month! What incredible talent we have in the Robot Army. Every month you all impress and raise the bar higher and higher. I love seeing you all hype each other up and push each other to the very top. Congratulations @iamzootartist for winning this month’s DTIYS CHALLENGE. It was a very hard-fought […]

DTIYS Winners
December 2022

THATS IT!!!! WE ARE ALL SET! 1ST PLACE IS @dickdavid_sketches 2nd place is @zeropsyche 3rd place is @jimrow !! Congratulations to the 3 of you and to the entire Robot Army! This was an epic end to an incredible year full of art, great challenges and a ton of new members. You three are also […]

DTIYS Winners
November 2022

That’s it! We have our scores! First place for the second month in a row goes to @spel_killz! Second place to @sir.one.toys And third to @spzero76 Congratulations to our top 3. Not only did you get the prized spots for the month but all 3 of you are now entered in the January tournament of […]

DTIYS Winners
October 2022

WE ARE DONE! And October’s first place goes to the epic art above by @spel_killz 2nd. @dandyangelicavanniniart 3rd. @benson.ink Congratulations to our top 3! Thank you so much @sketched_reality for putting together this amazing prompt for us this month and a massive shout out to the entire Robot Army. You all always show up and […]