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Born, raised and ruined in New York.
Comics and cartoons sparked my interest.
Graffiti opened up my view of other types of artwork.
Fine art kept me interested.
Create a visual language of imagery that has become recognizable to the viewer.
Throw in music, family and friends… Oh and some more cartoons and you have ChrisRWK

. LIVE !

Here it is, our newest and greatest way to connect yet! A massive thank you needs to be shouted from rooftops World-Wide to Nick James @ From 123 to XYZ aka our own @nickjamesillustrator for creating this site for all of us. It’s been a fun six weeks for us both since I bought the […]

Smugs Bunny

My name is Smugs and I’m a bunny. My favorite things are crossing streets and tacos. I was born in LA around 2012 and my best friend is a giraffe. I like robots more than I like humans.

Roland Wakefield

An Arizona based artist empowered with the artistic skills of a radioactive mollusk he met in Cleve-Land named Carlos. Digital and traditional atrocities created for a price… or for a really good MLT – mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe.

Zro Pro

. . . also goes by “Z” is a Brooklyn based artist best known for creating the character PJ the Pigeon. PJ is an anthropomorphized cartoon pigeon representing the everyday person living in the big city mixed in with pop culture references. PJ is young at heart, sarcastic, and loves getting into random shenanigans.

Burn 353

aka Adam Henske, is an artist from Central Illinois. He utilizes his skills as a painter, graphic designer, and woodworker to generate modern design with an old school spin. This multi-talented originator has been showing his creative artistry for the past 28 years in gallery shows all over the world. Burn353 has designed company logos, toys, album covers, skateboard graphics, jewelry, and clothing. He has also worked and designed for celebrity clients, professional athletes, and several major movies. Burn353 has been in several art publications. His body of work is always growing and evolving. You can find his work under Burn353 on instagram and TikTok.