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Here it is, our newest and greatest way to connect yet!

A massive thank you needs to be shouted from rooftops World-Wide to Nick James

@ From 123 to XYZ

aka our own @nickjamesillustrator for creating this site for all of us. It’s been a fun six weeks for us both since I bought the domain drawmearobot.com – swapping ideas and enthusiasm for this awesome project.

A shoutout too to Adam @burn353 for the super-smooth re-origination and colouring of the logo designed by Eddie @texoff a couple of years back, and Matt @matturnerart for letting us use his wonderful line drawings for the site wallpaper. Thank you all so much for this stunning work!

And now, the fun part: check it out, press some buttons, scroll through the pages, and most importantly share this site on your page and with everyone you know! We are so happy to be able to give this website to the Robot Army, and Nick and I will work to integrate more and more of your portfolios onto the Robot Army page. Keep an eye out for constant updates, What’s New? articles, DTIYS, and more ways to be involved.

Btw for anyone planning a thesis in twenty-first century cultural history, here is my very first concept sketch for the whole project!

I think we kept pretty close to the concept yeah?

Robot Army

some recent additions to this website