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DTIYS Challenge May 2024

It’s finally here! @simpsonstreasuretrove DTIYS CHALLENGE is now LIVE! The prompt this month is “Radioactive Man turning into a robot as he is going through a portal to Robot Land.” Please make sure to follow @simpsonstreasuretrove and my page to be eligible to participate in this month’s challenge. We will have 1 first place winner and a second winner […]


Another incredible month in the books! Congratulations @uh_oh_ you are this month’s DTIYS CHAMPION! 2nd place goes to @blue.monster.art and 3rd place is @abyss.illustrator . Thank you so much to @how_cxxl for putting together an amazing prompt and prizes for us this month and to all of the Robot Army Artists and Members who came through in a massive way. You all continue […]

DTIYS Challenge April 2024

New month = New DTIYS CHALLENGE! @how_cxxl has something incredible for us this month. He is offering $150 to the first place artist and $75 for the second place artist this month. We want to see your Animal Controlled Robots! Make is as epic as you can and in your own style. Please tag us in your […]


Congratulations @solanum80 for being this month’s DTIYS CHAMPION! 1. @solanum802. @arcanineart3. @vikingwithattitude4. @ram0nley Here is the placement of our top 4 this month as voted by the Robot Army. Thank you to all who participated and voted. I want to give a massive shout out to @nrdoggy for putting it all together with us this month, I hope you all follow and show @nrdoggy a […]

DTIYS Challenge March 2024

HERE IT IS!! I am honored to be doing this month’s DTIYS CHALLENGE with @nrdoggy , we are looking for the top 4 this month, good luck everyone! I’m fortunate to be this month’s DTIYS artist for @ so here it is! The rules are simple. Recreate your own version of this mask, create your own robotic […]


By just a 1 vote margin @attempts_were_made1 is this month’s DTIYS CHAMPION! 2ND PLACE is @dickdavid_sketches3RD PLACE is @jp.drawz This was an incredible month and I was once again left in awe of the level of talent in the Robot Army! Thank you so much @dandyangelicavanniniart for making this month incredible for us with such a fun prompt, I really hope […]

DTIYS Challenge February 2024

HERE IT IS! The DTIYS CHALLENGE for February by @dandyangelicavanniniart ! We are looking for 3 winners this month. Draw yourself as either a Hero or a Villain (or both! BUT on one slide please). Make sure to follow both @dandyangelicavanniniart and @drawmearobot and tag us in your submissions so we can find and share your submissions. If you want, you […]


Congratulations @abyss.illustrator for earning 1st place and being this month’s DTIYS Champion! It’s the first month of the year and you all took 1 line and made incredible art with it. I can’t wait to see what else you’ll all do this year and I am looking forward to hosting and sharing your art! Please show @abyss.illustrator some love […]

DTIYS Challenge January 2024

The first DTIYS 2024 challenge is here, and it’s the SINGLE_LINE_CHALLENGE!!! Once you start the submission you can not lift up your pen/pencil/brush/whatever you use, UNTIL YOU ARE DONE! The entire submission must be made from 1 continuous line! Top 10 winner will receive DMAR sticker packs, top 2 will win DMAR hats and sticker […]


WE HAVE OUR WINNERS!! 1ST PLACE IS @dandyangelicavanniniart2ND PLACE IS @dkazi_style3RD PLACR IS @abyss.illustrator Thank you to the entire Robot Army and @dickdavid_sketches for making this month incredible until the very end! To all of our Artists who sent over amazing art all year and to all of the Robot Army community who keep voting, liking, sharing, and supporting this […]