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Congratulations @abyss.illustrator for earning 1st place and being this month’s DTIYS Champion! It’s the first month of the year and you all took 1 line and made incredible art with it. I can’t wait to see what else you’ll all do this year and I am looking forward to hosting and sharing your art! Please show @abyss.illustrator some love and make sure to follow @dandyangelicavanniniart , she is the DTIYS prompt artist for February and I got a peak and what she’s been working on and it is CRAZY!

DTIYS Challenge January 2024

The first DTIYS 2024 challenge is here, and it’s the SINGLE_LINE_CHALLENGE!!! Once you start the submission you can not lift up your pen/pencil/brush/whatever you use, UNTIL YOU ARE DONE! The entire submission must be made from 1 continuous line! Top 10 winner will receive DMAR sticker packs, top 2 will win DMAR hats and sticker packs. Good luck!!


WE HAVE OUR WINNERS!! 1ST PLACE IS @dandyangelicavanniniart2ND PLACE IS @dkazi_style3RD PLACR IS @abyss.illustrator Thank you to the entire Robot Army and @dickdavid_sketches for making this month incredible until the very end! To all of our Artists who sent over amazing art all year and to all of the Robot Army community who keep voting, liking, sharing, and supporting this page too. @claygrahamart really helped us complete this year in such an awesome fashion with this prompt, please follow his page too!

DTIYS Challenge December 2023

We’ve made it, my friends! The FINAL DTIYS of 2023! I knew we had to go big for this one, so I pulled a favor and got @claygrahamart for the prompt! This month we want you to take your favorite food and turn it into a Robot! @claygrahamart went with noodles for this one and you can recreate his original prompt if you’d like or use your own favorite! Either way make sure to get it over to me by December 20th. Please tag and follow me and @claygrahamart so we can find and share your submissions! Good luck and let’s see your very best and close out this year STRONG!!


CONGRATULATIONS @braindeef you are November’s DTIYS CHAMPION! @pegastickms and @dickdavid_sketches battled it out to the very end, but with 136 votes @braindeef took the top spot! Thank you to @dfunkt.robot for once again putting up an incredible prompt for us to work with and to the ENTIRE Robot Army for showing up in such a massive way. I have a surprise artist for next month’s DTIYS PROMPT so stay tuned my friends!

DTIYS Challenge November 2023

New month = New DTIYS! This month we have a new prompt and prize from @dfunkt.robot !The challenge is to transform a pair of sneakers into a SneakerBot! You can draw a pair of your own or any others you like, even crocs if that’s your thing 😆 The prize pot is for the top spot. A tee, a long sleeve tee, a corduroy cap and a sticker pack 👍🏻. Please tag me and @dfunkt.robot in your submissions so we can find and share your art and have them submitted by MIDNIGHT November 20th!


Another one for the books! Congratulations @iamzootartist for being this month’s DTIYS Champion. We had 207 votes and it was close to the very end! @roland_wakefield and @davidjohann did not make this easy. Shout out to @phattony1444 for helping us put it all together this month and to the entire Robot Army for showing up in such a big way. Make sure to follow @dfunkt.robot he is our DTIYS prompt artist for November!

DTIYS Challenge October 2023

NEW MONTH = NEW DTIYS! This time we have a prompt from one of the baddest members of the Robot Army @phattony1444 ! He wants to see the Robot Army go “BEAST MODE!” Take your favorite or any animal, and make them Massive, Ready for Battle, and of course in your own style! We are looking for 1 winner this month. Please follow and tag me and @phattony1444 so we can find and share your art!


What a month! @abyss.illustrator took the top spot this month and is September’s DTIYS Champion! Thank you to all who entered and to @daviddiez_ilustrador for this month’s awesome prompt. Please follow @abyss.illustrator and all of our Robot Army artists and be sure to follow @phattony1444 he is October’s Prompt artist and is cooking up something wild for us!


Wow! Let’s take a moment and talk about August. This month’s DTIYS challenge had an added mission attached to it. We wanted to raise money to donate to Oxnard Colleges’ TRIO/SSS Program. They help 140 Students every year with a budget of only $10,000. The program is for First Gen students, and or low income students, and or students with disabilities. They help them with financial aid, they take them on trips, they have an open food pantry available, and so much more. WHAT AN ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE PROGRAM RIGHT?! So knowing what I know about the Trio/SSS program, I knew that they were the perfect people to spotlight in front of the entire Robot Army. We raised funds for them via auctions, direct donations, and art sales from all over the world. We got to show the program some love and appreciation from all over the world and give them a little bit of a ‘THANK YOU’ for all of the hard work they do. Robot Army Member @rukzone from Australia took it upon himself to take it even a step further. He got us on @ditto_pop radar and massively moved the donation needle forward. On August 25, @ditto_pop hosted a Friday night fundraiser along with his WHATNOT APP community and they auctioned off art, they highlighted the amazing work of the TRIO/SSS Program, and they injected an incredible amount of faith right back into humanity! All and all we were able to raise $1,743.15 from all around the world. You all completely exceeding expectations. I had someone reach out from South Africa and say to me “We don’t have much but we want to send over $50” another said “I’m all the way in the U.K and won’t be able to make it to the online show but i want to send you $40.” Just days into the month, I had someone (anonymously) drop $425 into my PayPal account for the TRIO/SSS Program. So many of you also bought and sold your own original art and sent over the profits. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! There is no community in the World like this one. I am honored to know you, know of you, and get to interact with all of you. – Arik aka Robot One You can check out and follow the Oxnard Trio/SSS on IG HERE If you want to donate directly to Oxnard College Trio/SSS you can do so HERE