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DTIYS Winners March 2023

@tyme_illustration gave us such an awesome prompt for march and the Robot Army delivered in a massive way! our top three finalists were @one.dark.day.arts followed by @benson.ink and @gematimur . The race to the finish line was neck and neck until the very end but after 245 votes @one.dark.day.arts was our first place DTIYS Champion. […]

Reddit Gen 3 Avatars Ft. @Benson­­.ink

Reddit will be dropping their Gen 3 Avatars soon and Brendan will be releasing 3 Robots into the mix! “I’m excited to announce I’ll be part of Reddit’s third generation of avatars! Check r/CollectibleAvatars for more news!” – Brendan CHECK IT OUT HERE

Who Can Make A Profile?

This is the question we get sent the most! If you are an artist, or a creative of any kind this website is for you and you are welcome to make your own FREE Robot Army Member Profile. If you have submitted art to our Instagram page, have been featured, you too are qualified! Your […]


This website was the brainchild of Arik (@drawmearobot) and Nick (@nickjamesillustrator). We wanted a place for all of the Robot Army Members to be able to see who else is in the community. Without all of the clutter, noise, ALGORITHMS, likes, or distractions. It’s meant for YOU to be able to share your art, your […]


When we need patches made, our Go-To will always be patchlab.de They always collaborate with us and so many different artists and use their insight and connections to get us the best pricing and the highest quality. From small quantities to larger orders, try them out Let them know that you are with a the […]

New Portfolios

Hey we’ve been up just one day and already three members of the Robot Army have submitted beautiful work. Check out these pages and send us your work too. Thank you all for being part of this. First up just five hours from going live – @Chromatic Habitat and hard on his heels @Carlyle Workman […]

. LIVE !

Here it is, our newest and greatest way to connect yet! A massive thank you needs to be shouted from rooftops World-Wide to Nick James @ From 123 to XYZ aka our own @nickjamesillustrator for creating this site for all of us. It’s been a fun six weeks for us both since I bought the […]

DTIYS Challenge
March 2023

@tyme_illustration Because of March of Robots, we figured you could use an extra day! Here is the DTIYS PROMPT AND PRIZES FOR MARCH! Please follow @tyme_illustration and @drawmearobot to be eligible for this challenge and so we can find and share your submissions. Boardwalk Bots! Spring is right around the corner. So to gear up […]

DTIYS Result
February 2023

Now, this is taking a little time. Please bear with us while we get this sorted, though all those entries were so freakin’ hot – I’m scared to leave them in the drawer any longer in case they set the place on fire.

DTIYS Challenge
February 2023

HELLO FEBRUARY! I promised you all something big and it really doesn’t get much bigger than @createdbyimrie and DOOMBOX! Here is your chance to create your own card, with your own stats and have a chance to battle it out for the win. NO VOTING THIS MONTH! @createdbyimrie has cooked up a first of its […]