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My name is Alain Daigle and I’m a full time artist living in Canada. I work in oil paint, watercolour, digital and am new to ceramics. I am very inspired by the cartoons and video games I grew up with. I love doing chubby characters, original and fan art. I also love using bright colours. Art is my favourite thing to spend my time on and is my way of life! Hope you enjoy my work

TYME Illustration

My name is Tyler Melton. I am an ever-growing, always learning, usually out-of-my-mind artist.. Much of my work consists of weird, wacky, and sometimes disturbing characters and creatures. I also throw in the occasional bot (winky face). While most would consider my style as a pretty refined one, with consistent bold line-work, vivid colors, and a general looseness, I do tend to dabble in other styles. To me, it is important to study other works and styles in order to grow your own. And the best way to do that is to copy! So, to sum myself up; I’m Tyler, I like monsters and bots and throwing in the occasional willie (did I not mention that earlier?), and my work is bold and strange… and I am ok with that.

Oasis Commander

Hey I’m OasisCommander, I’m a digital illustrator who enjoys drawing mech and fantasy art. I’m also currently working my way into learning to design and write for ttrpgs.


My name is Max Buechler (actually, it’s Maximilian Büchler, but Max is easier and the ‘ue’ is more international). I’ve always felt like and called myself an artist – sometimes more sometimes less. I’ve started my carrier in kindergarten where I found my love for colored pencils.

During my studies in Digital Media – Animation and Game, I focused on character design, concept art in general and animation. After more than 8 years in a videp agency, I am now working as a freelance Creative Director developing creative concepts for cinematic corporate movies, innovative product videos and explanatory animations.

When I am not booked I’m using as much time as possible to fill sketchbooks and create traditional and digital art to constantly improve my skills – always feeling the urge to try new things and get my hands on new projects.

I Am Zoot

Hello, I am Zoot!
Actually thats a lie, my name is Andy and I’m a graphic designer and artist from the U.K. I have been drawing ever since i can remember and I’ve been obsessed with robots since we rented RoboCop from the video shop when i was 9. ED209 is still my favoutire movie robot to this day!


Hello my beautiful people, Travis here aka Braindeef, I’m part mad scientist, part art gremlin, full time wierdo.
Graphic by trade with the diplomas gathering dust in a cupboard somwhere to prove it, but have been artistic all my life.
I mostly use Posca Pens, 3D modelling and 3D printing to bring my creations to life. I’m also experienced working with physical materials that I carve/shape into artistic objects or practical items. Some of the materials I work with include recycled ones, like “Plastimascus” which is made from recycled 3d printer waste. Additionally, I also have my own secret recipe for a coffee composite that is comprised of dehydrated used coffee grounds stabilized by a PU resin.
As well as traditional art, I also make art/designer toys, and functional pieces usually in the EDC (every day carry), or Begleri communities.

What kind of art can you expect from my me?
Creepy cute, chaotic, random, ‘why would you draw that’ kind of weirdness, with a little but of dark humour thrown in there for funsies.