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The DMAR Deck

Now my secret is a secret no longer

It’s time for our 2024 Oxnard Community College Fundraiser.

This Deck of cards will be the collaboration of over 50 Robot Army Artists and will be sold on a pre-sale basis. All of the profits made, 100% of them, will be given to Oxnard Community College’s TRIO SSS Program. The Trio program for those who don’t know, was established to help First Generation, Low Income, and or Special Needs students, navigate, enroll, and thrive in college. They are solely funded by grants and do INCREDIBLE things and offer INCREDIBLE opportunities to their students. Last year, we (that’s you) raised $1,800 for them and this year with your help we’re going to top that.

You can check out and follow the Oxnard Trio/SSS on IG HERE

If you want to donate directly to Oxnard College Trio/SSS you can do so HERE

The idea here is to assign each artist a card to draw in their own style with a Robotic twist to it. I want this to be an ACTUAL-USABLE-PLAYABLE deck of cards so please incorporate all of the elements of a standard card when designing yours. (more info on that in the next paragraph)

When you draw your stuff, it has to be the right shape and size, and also please put the number or letter and suit indicator in place in the top left corner. Those will be part of your design, we aren’t going to overprint them. So I have been working with my chums @Braindeef and @NickJamesIllustrator who have kindly provided templates that you can download from the buttons below.

If you’re working digitally there is a full scale PNG file at 300dpi that you can download and import into your app of choice. If you are on team traditional then there’s a pdf version.

In any case here’s what you need to know. They print this stuff on big sheets and then cut them out so the bleed and safe area are arranged to allow for slight inaccuracies in the trimming process. And please put the number/letter and suit in the right place so they can used for playing cards with (doh). The template shows how to set up the centreline and the bottom edge of that stuff.

***AS ALWAYS, I am asking for nothing to be political, or currently global, i know this is a big ask but i don’t want to alienate anyone and i don’t want any artist to worry that their image or brand is associated with any kind of affiliations, beliefs, or trends. Thank you for respecting this request.***


Happy drawing, card artists.

Download a pdf of the advisory stuff described above

Download a pdf drawing template

And for all you digital types, a 300.dpi.png template to use as a layer in your app of choice