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Tiki Rob

This page is dedicated to Tiki Rob Hawes who passed away from cancer in April 2024. Tiki Rob will forever be cemented on the Mount Rushmore of Tiki Legends. His unique style and seemingly endless creativity made him a highly prized and sought after Master Ceramist.

Tiki Rob put his own twist on each and every one of his mugs and creations. His impact on the Tiki culture is immeasurable, and we will forever have a Tiki Rob shaped hole in our hearts. Please check out his IG (link) to see more about his phenomenal life and art. You can also hear the podcast that Rob made with us at Team T and A on these links below.

Tiki Rob

Rob’s statement for this page as posted in March 2023

I moved to Maui in 1989 with some of my college buddies. I windsurfed almost every day while working evenings waiting tables at the Rusty Harpoon in Kaanapali. I would airbrush surfboards for the local shapers in the mornings before the wind would come up.

One day a ceramic artist walked into my graphics studio. I helped him with his book; he helped me make my first Tiki Mug.

I am now officially retired. I try to make it to Tiki Oasis every year and enjoy my tiki visitors who often end up eating pizza with me at the South Shore Tiki Lounge. I make mugs 5-6 days a week and fire them in a kiln in my garage. I have a couple online tiki mug sales a year and sell at 2-3 events.

Life is good!