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DTIYS Challenge February 2024

HERE IT IS! The DTIYS CHALLENGE for February by @dandyangelicavanniniart ! We are looking for 3 winners this month. Draw yourself as either a Hero or a Villain (or both! BUT on one slide please). Make sure to follow both @dandyangelicavanniniart and @drawmearobot and tag us in your submissions so we can find and share your submissions. If you want, you […]

DTIYS Challenge January 2024

The first DTIYS 2024 challenge is here, and it’s the SINGLE_LINE_CHALLENGE!!! Once you start the submission you can not lift up your pen/pencil/brush/whatever you use, UNTIL YOU ARE DONE! The entire submission must be made from 1 continuous line! Top 10 winner will receive DMAR sticker packs, top 2 will win DMAR hats and sticker […]

DTIYS Challenge December 2023

We’ve made it, my friends! The FINAL DTIYS of 2023! I knew we had to go big for this one, so I pulled a favor and got @claygrahamart for the prompt! This month we want you to take your favorite food and turn it into a Robot! @claygrahamart went with noodles for this one and you can recreate his […]

DTIYS Challenge November 2023

New month = New DTIYS! This month we have a new prompt and prize from @dfunkt.robot !The challenge is to transform a pair of sneakers into a SneakerBot! You can draw a pair of your own or any others you like, even crocs if that’s your thing 😆 The prize pot is for the top spot. A […]

DTIYS Challenge October 2023

NEW MONTH = NEW DTIYS! This time we have a prompt from one of the baddest members of the Robot Army @phattony1444 ! He wants to see the Robot Army go “BEAST MODE!” Take your favorite or any animal, and make them Massive, Ready for Battle, and of course in your own style! We are looking for […]

DTIYS Challenge September 2023

New Month = New DTIYS CHALLENGE!! This time we have @daviddiez_ilustrador as our prompt artist. Please make sure to follow his page and mine and tag us in your submissions so we can find and share your art. All submissions are due by MIDNIGHT SEPTEMBER 20TH. We are looking for 1 winner this month and […]

DTIYS Challenge
August 2023

THIS IS THE DTIYS STYLE FOR AUGUST! I reached out to @benson.ink with a special request, and he was ALL IN! We want to do something together as a community and raise funds for  @sss_oxnardcollege We are going to auction off @benson.ink original prompt (the lighter color traditional piece) and are asking ANYONE who would like to also sell […]

DTIYS Challenge July 2023

It’s time for the JULY DTIYS CHALLENGE! @spacefisharmy is cooking up something massive and they want YOU to be part of it. They are looking for their next collaboration artists! Please make sure to follow both @spacefisharmy and my page. Have your underwater/Steampunk submissions sent over to us by July 20th and make sure to […]

DTIYS Challenge June 2023

@sketched_reality is our prompt artist this month so you already know there’s pokemon involved. We want you to either draw his prompt in your style or choose your favorite Pokemon and turn them into a Robot. Good luck and get ready because ST. ARIK’S DAY IS IN JUNE AND WE HAVE A TON OF GIVEAWAYS for […]

DTIYS Challenge May 2023

Here is May’s DTIYS CHALLENGE, with an epic prompt from @jfarms__ ! For this month’s challenge we want you to draw the scene from the picture above in your own style or draw the Tentacle-Bot in a scene of your own. Bonus points if you somehow incorporate your first DTIYS submission into the scene. (@jfarms__ did this […]