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DTIYS Challenge
February 2023

HELLO FEBRUARY! I promised you all something big and it really doesn’t get much bigger than @createdbyimrie and DOOMBOX! Here is your chance to create your own card, with your own stats and have a chance to battle it out for the win. NO VOTING THIS MONTH! @createdbyimrie has cooked up a first of its […]

DTIYS Challenge
January 2023

HERE WE GO! The Tournament of Champions DTIYS Challenge is now LIVE! @benson.ink has put together an epic prompt and prize for you all. If you are not officially in the challenge, definitely feel free to draw your own version of the prompt I’ll be happy to share it after the 21 of the month. […]

DTIYS Challenge
December 2022

December’s DTIYS IS AVAILABLE NOW!! Check out the image above to see the official prompt from @rukzone He is in Australia 🦘 so it’s technically already December there so we aren’t cheating. Here is the text prompt: Chess themed robot. Optional – incorporate your country’s flag so we show the world just how far the […]

DTIYS Challenge
November 2022

Sorry for the late start in the day BUT I have a massive DTIYS Prompt and Artist for you all this month. @freakykissdesigns is an absolute legend, a lot of you already know and love her art and dope style. This month it’s your turn to share your STARS with us! We want to see […]

DTIYS Challenge
October 2022

October 2022 NEW MONTH = NEW DTIYS CHALLENGE! This month we have a prompt and awesome prizes from @sketched_reality ! Make sure to follow both pages and tag us in your posts to be qualified to win. you can draw your version of this month’s prompt OR ANY Pokemon you want but it has to […]