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Inky Paper House

Haluu, i’m Una, but on the internet i’m inky paper house – i loooove watercolours, ink and looking at robots, but drawing them – not so much, but i love drawing buildings.


Wotto is a doodle and character artist who creates unique packaging, branding and illustration for a range of clients. His doodle art style has become his signature and he has covered many many products with it.

Brendan Benson

Traditional and digital artist as well as appreciator of the weird and wonderful.

Origami Danny

Paper folding jedi, with a photograph background. Watch me bring paper to life innit.

Freedz Art

I’m Sarah “Freedz” Conlon, a self-taught digital artist who loves creating whimsical, nostalgic comics and illustrating card games.
My passion for digital illustration was ignited during the lockdown in March 2020 when I taught myself how to draw using Procreate on my iPad Pro. Since then, I have been drawing almost daily, filling the canvas with cute, fantastical creatures and imaginative scenes.
You can find me on Instagram where I am super active and connected with my followers.


A graphic artist born from graphic design. My influences are based on everything I grew on and continue now to everything my kids are growing up on, with a pinch of adult hood. Nostalgic and pop. My Cool guy pins have become something unexpected in the pin world and I continue to drive down different avenues. thanks for stoping by.


Just a guy from Texas, making art—mostly robots. ©Richard Wezensky Please do not use/copy this art without permission and full attribution. CC BY-NC-SA

Fresh Bakery Studio

Hello, my name is Aitor, a Basque based in Barcelona, who created Fresh Bakery Studio. The project was created in 2013 when I lived in London. It started as a graphic design and illustration studio and for some time now it has been focused only on illustration. I like to create allegorical characters based on me, in everyday life and in the urban environment…

Giladi Yair

Hello World 🙂 My name is Giladi Yair and I like to draw mainly from my imagination. So welcome to my imaginary world. Oh yeah… and there’s also the ‘fantasy time’ thing, you can see about that on my IG account.