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Illustrations by Kenny Ashcraft

Hey everyone! My name is Kenny and I have been drawing, doodling and creating ever since I can remember. I am a big sci-fi/fantasy nerd who love’s comic books, movies and pretty much anything related to robots and monsters. Now that I’m in my 40’s and my kiddos are starting to move out, I am trying to grow this passion for art and design that I’ve always had and hopefully turn it into something that will evolve and be self sustaining. Thanks for checking my little collection here! ALL HAIL THE ROBOT ARMY!


Self taught illustrator from Haiti, I stand in love with the brush pen. I illustrate cool characters and I also write cool letters. I enjoy using Black and White for final result.
All my illustrations are Handmade (traditional) then Traced after scanning.
There it is!

Supermurgitroid by Leslie

I like off-beat things, but I also believe embracing my weird is what makes me Leslie. The eclectic things I like are whimsical and fun, they can do good and be positive influences. My robots are a mental release, and each are a little nugget of my soul. I connect with each piece so deeply I get lost in these stories as I’m creating them.

Dfunkt Robot

Chris Graham aka Dfunkt Robot is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

With over 2 decades experience working in the creative industry, Chris has worked with a wide spectrum of clients ranging from building brand identities for large corporates in the energy industry to creating illustrations for independent clothing brands and craft beer brewers.

Influenced by comics, cartoons and popular culture, Chris’ illustrative style features clean bold lines and bright colour palettes to create impactful designs that really pop.


I’m Graphic Designer and Illustrator by profession. I attended Art School and Digital Multimedia to enhance and boost my skills. I started drawing at an early age, inspired by cartoons and anime.
I am greatly influenced by the world around me. Art and design transcends my very soul to a higher realm of well-being. A satisfaction like no other.

Board Panda Customs

Board Panda Customs is an artist who is known for his custom painted skateboards and other custom products!! He also likes to draw/illustrate/design as well!! If you like an anime/cartoon style check Board Panda out!!


Hey, I’m a French guy enjoying mostly traditional art with markers, but also experimenting with other mediums. Manga/Anime fan and sketch card enjoyer. Like to draw some bots every now and then too!


Cas is a world destroying monster who just wants to tell stories, and smother everything in ink. An individual with a wandering muse who takes them places, that is to say; they draw anything from flowers, and robots, to nightmare spirit beings accompanied by eyeball birds. Creator of a few notable comics: The Little Lost Robot, Mechanical Hearts Synthetic Flowers, The Unlucky Crow, and Mercury Grin.

Airman Timmy’s Oddities

Airman Timmy is Tim McCants, a retired US Navy veteran now following his dream of being an artist/illustrator.

Joseph Bayfield

Hi! I’m a children’s illustrator based in Suffolk, UK. I primarily specialise in digital illustrations for children, usually based around a fantastical and whimsical element. Sometimes, I stray into the sci-fi genre too. I like to imbue my paintings with a playful and curious feeling, with a strong sense of narrative.