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Team T&A go to Therapy Ft. Sol Rapoport L.M.F.T

We know right? FINALLY! Team T&A Welcomed Sol Rapoport onto the show and talk all about Therapy. Who is Therapy for? How do you determine if a Therapist and approach are right for you? What can you get and expect out of Therapy? These and so many more questions will be answered in this episode. […]

Team T & A Festivus Roast

Welcome one and all to the first ever Team T&A Festivus Roast Ft. Ashley Lanna! We’ve been waiting for so long to do this, and we finally had a chance to air out our grievances to one another and share it right here with you! We took turns ripping one another to shreds and we […]

Miracle on 54th St.

Arik vs. New York ROUND 2! You will not believe what happened this time. There was a Hanukkah Miracle and a Nightmare in Newark. Check out this Bonus episode and laugh along (with Tyler) at the shear horror and anxiety that Arik experienced.

I Want To Be A: Comedian

Ft. @KatieKcomedy We are so happy to have had the opportunity to hang out and learn all about being a Comedian from our friend Katie K. She pulled the curtain back for us and explained what the mindset is before, during, and after a set. Whether it goes phenomenally or phenomenally awkward! We got to […]