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Bonus Episode – Sol saves the World!

Here is our FINAL episode of 2023!! It was our 3rd time having Sol on with us and we had a big ask of her this time. We asked Sol to SAVE THE WORLD! The whole world has become a weird, strange, and cold place and we asked Sol to make sense of it all for us and maybe give us a few ideas on how to make it a better place. Of course she took on the challenge, and even shared laughs with us. Please enjoy this episode and share it with your friends and family too!

Second Annual Roast of Ashley Lanna Back For Seconds!

Well look who came back for seconds! We got to hang out and Roast Ashley Lanna yet again and even threw in a compliment or 2. She’s a crowd favorite and our favorite too and she took this like a champ! She even threw some jabs of her own right back at us, check out and enjoy this Roast and have a Happy Thanksgiving! Masterfully Edited by Ashley Lanna @LULLABYTHEFEARPODCAST


Arik got scammed! Check out this emergency episode we hastily put together for more details. This one kind of has a happy ending so stay tuned until the very end! REDDIT THREAD NEWS ARTICLE

Small Beer – Ft. Felix James

We had the absolute privilege of getting to chat with Felix James, Co-Founder of Small Beer brewery. This dude lives, breathes, and drinks this business up through and through. He is like a mad scientist with a brewery. Small Beer has perfected full flavour beer at less than 2.8% alcohol (and 0% hangover!) This was an incredible episode, not only because Tyler LOVES beer and got to hear and learn all about it, but because Felix and the entire Small Beer Brewery are passion driven, earth conscious, and very flavor forward. Please check out Small Beer! Small Beer on Instagram The Small Beer Brewery Website

St. Arik’s Day Special!

Ft. Ashley Lanna and SmugsBunny It’s the 35th Annual St. Arik’s Day and boy do we have a special bonus episode for you! If Oprah can have an episode with her favorite things, Arik deserves to have it too, right? Ashley Lanna @lullabythefearpodcast and Smugs @smugsbunny joined us to help make this St. Arik’s Day an extra special one. We played games, learned a lot about each other, and a St. Arik’s Day Miracle happened during the Blank or Porno segment. Check out the entire episode and don’t forget to follow us on IG @teamtandapodcast , Ashley @lullabythefearpodcast and Smugs @smugsbunny

Round 2. Ft. Sol Rapoport LMFT

It’s been a few months and we finally were able to get our friend and REAL-LIFE THERAPIST Sol Rapaport LMFT on with us. We started off by finding out which Harry Potter house she belongs to and also which FRIENDS character she relates to most. Then, we got down to business. We asked her about Myers-Briggs, we talked about Transference and Countertransference, we finally found out what Therapists are writing down while you’re talking, and even asked if and how you can get a direct answer from a Therapist. Sol was even cool enough to answer some listener submitted questions. Connect with Sol Rapoport LMFT HERE

Team T&A go to Therapy Ft. Sol Rapoport L.M.F.T

We know right? FINALLY! Team T&A Welcomed Sol Rapoport onto the show and talk all about Therapy. Who is Therapy for? How do you determine if a Therapist and approach are right for you? What can you get and expect out of Therapy? These and so many more questions will be answered in this episode. Check out and follow @solrapoport_therapy on IG too! Sol mentioned some websites on the podcast – here are the links: Sol’s own Website To help you find a therapist TherapyDen More reading, also with a search option: Psychology Today

Team T & A Festivus Roast

Welcome one and all to the first ever Team T&A Festivus Roast Ft. Ashley Lanna! We’ve been waiting for so long to do this, and we finally had a chance to air out our grievances to one another and share it right here with you! We took turns ripping one another to shreds and we truly hope you laugh and enjoy this experience as much as we laughed and enjoyed making it!

Miracle on 54th St.

Arik vs. New York ROUND 2! You will not believe what happened this time. There was a Hanukkah Miracle and a Nightmare in Newark. Check out this Bonus episode and laugh along (with Tyler) at the shear horror and anxiety that Arik experienced.

I Want To Be A: Comedian

Ft. @KatieKcomedy We are so happy to have had the opportunity to hang out and learn all about being a Comedian from our friend Katie K. She pulled the curtain back for us and explained what the mindset is before, during, and after a set. Whether it goes phenomenally or phenomenally awkward! We got to talk to her about filming for TV shows, her Podcast @mostlytrueopinions and the comedy show she hosts and created @thenewshitshow . She also gave us the inside scoop about her new comedy Album “I am the Trash” which came out February 2023!