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Cover Art: C.E.A.L.

St. Arik’s Day Special!

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Ft. Ashley Lanna and SmugsBunny

It’s the 35th Annual St. Arik’s Day and boy do we have a special bonus episode for you! If Oprah can have an episode with her favorite things, Arik deserves to have it too, right? Ashley Lanna @lullabythefearpodcast and Smugs @smugsbunny joined us to help make this St. Arik’s Day an extra special one. We played games, learned a lot about each other, and a St. Arik’s Day Miracle happened during the Blank or Porno segment. Check out the entire episode and don’t forget to follow us on IG @teamtandapodcast , Ashley @lullabythefearpodcast and Smugs @smugsbunny