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145 – Travels and a Special Announcement

Tyler is back from Spain and tells us all about it. We get to find out how the World’s most Introverted Traveler do in Europe?! We talked about our in-person reunion that happened during St. Arik’s Day and the gift Arik got for Tyler. We also talked about living and traveling solo, and the missing […]

144 – The Midsommar Forrest Rave ft. CEAL

It’s been 10 long weeks since we last checked in with @c.e.a.l and we made up for lost time. First apartments, C.e.a.l’s first trip to the U.S.A, the ultimate Midsommar Adventures (how skinny dipping transitioned into a full on Forrest rave, a never before Blank or Porno topic, @c.e.a.l’s comic update, and SO MUCH MORE! […]

143 – The “PERFECT” Episode Ft. SmugsBunny

The “PERFECT” Episode … sounds too good to be true right? But anytime we say the word PERFECT on an episode we get feedback from SmugsBunny either to confirm or deny our claim, so this time rather than waiting to ask we invited him onto the episode so we could get answers in real time! […]

142 – The Return of Cora!

It’s been almost an entire year since we last had Arik’s sister Cora on! She’s finally back and with all new adventures to share with us. We talked all about solo road-trips, the writers strike, garage sale mishaps, a round of Blank or Porno, and so much more. Check out the entire episode and don’t […]

141 – Cory the “Eighty Sixed” Chef

We finally got him back! 2 Months ago, we recorded with Cory and found out after the episode finished that the audio was a complete disaster. He was gracious enough to give us another shot and let us throw any and every question we could think of at him. We got to hear about his […]

140 – The Scholarship

We have so much to tell you about! First of all, Tyler figured out how what kind of Real Housewives we would be in that hypothetical world. Arik got to present a Scholarship, we learned about life as a left-handed person, Arik and Tyler revealed their official Porn names, and we had a return round […]

139 – Team T&A vs. Ai

WE HAVE A WORLD PREMIERE! We asked CHATGPT to write a podcast episode for us and IT ACTUALLY DID! We read the script it gave us and then we talk about Ai and all of the questions Arik could think to ask ChatGPT. This was surprisingly way more fun than we had anticipated and Tyler […]

138 – The Most Likable?

We just had ourselves a good old-fashioned freestyle! We took our Buzzfeed LIKABLE tests and got our results back, we shared questions and answers to some of our random questions, and Tyler surprised us at the end with 2 long sought after segments!

137 – The Crazy Hunt For Springtime

We got him! Our favorite Vegan Viking, our 3rd man in the room, Swedish Royalty Mr. C.E.A.L himself! It’s been way too long but now that he came on with us, we talked all about his upcoming comic book, played BLANK OR PORNO, learned about the WORLDS STRONGEST BEER, we also had a lot of […]

136 – Janacie AKA The Queen of Alaska

She’s finally back! Team T&A’s Resident Bartender Janacie is back but this time for a very unique freestyle. She is like a real-life cartoon. The stories and adventures she goes on put us to absolute shame. She told us what a “Lindsay Lohan” shot is, she told us SOME OF the times she almost died, […]