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Edited by Ashley Lanna @lullbabythefearpodcast We’ve been waiting for this episode for a LONG TIME! The purpose of this episode was to see who can HOLD THEIR LAUGHS the most as funny questions are asked, hilarious situations are brought up, and we take on different challenges. Ashley “The Stone Wall” Lanna along with Smugs “Face Reveal” Bunny were the 2 people we immediately thought of when we came up with this challenge and they were awesome enough to agree. Keep track of your laughs as you listen along and please let us know how you did!

149 – Team T & Bidet

What just happened? We survived “HurriQuake 2023”! We talked about Gone in 60 seconds, BOTH VERSIONS, 40 minute car chases, while a real police chase happened outside of Arik’s house, gave our Shark Tank Pitches where one got the sharks and one Tanked, and even had a moment of Arik Luck. This might be one of our favorite episodes to date, it’s hard to describe but it was an awesome ride!

148 – The Hidden 007?!

Okay, we have a new favorite thing. FAN THEORIES! Tyler breaks down how THE ROCK is really a secret James Bond Movie, Arik FINALLY got a new mic, and we stole a few segments from an unrecorded episode. Check it out and let us know if you’ve ever seen ANY of the 90 Day tv series shows!

147 – Know Where U.S.A ft. SmugsBunny

It’s been a long time since we last played “KNOW WHERE USA” but we had Smugs on and took full advantage! We played a new Blank or Porno Topic, we talked about board games, gameshows, and even door holding etiquette when it means losing your spot in line. Check out the entire episode and follow Smugs on IG @smugsbunny and our page too @teamtandapodcast **We apologize for Arik’s Mic, BUT we think we figured out the issue!**

146 – We’re Back Baby!

Okay, we’re still trying to get a hang of our new schedules but we are going to be cranking out at least 2 episodes a month! It’s been a few weeks since we last recorded so we have a bunch of updates for you all, as well as some behind the scenes info and follow ups about previous stories. Also, Arik is living alone for 3 weeks and thinks that Tyler has it all figured out. Check out the episode and follow us on IG @teamtandapodcast Check out – Dinnerly

145 – Travels and a Special Announcement

Tyler is back from Spain and tells us all about it. We get to find out how the World’s most Introverted Traveler do in Europe?! We talked about our in-person reunion that happened during St. Arik’s Day and the gift Arik got for Tyler. We also talked about living and traveling solo, and the missing OceanGate Expedition Submersible. There’s also a special announcement at the end so stick around and see what’s new in Team T&A Land. Also… Who is Ken Foree?!

Small Beer – Ft. Felix James

We had the absolute privilege of getting to chat with Felix James, Co-Founder of Small Beer brewery. This dude lives, breathes, and drinks this business up through and through. He is like a mad scientist with a brewery. Small Beer has perfected full flavour beer at less than 2.8% alcohol (and 0% hangover!) This was an incredible episode, not only because Tyler LOVES beer and got to hear and learn all about it, but because Felix and the entire Small Beer Brewery are passion driven, earth conscious, and very flavor forward. Please check out Small Beer! Small Beer on Instagram The Small Beer Brewery Website

144 – The Midsommar Forrest Rave ft. CEAL

It’s been 10 long weeks since we last checked in with @c.e.a.l and we made up for lost time. First apartments, C.e.a.l’s first trip to the U.S.A, the ultimate Midsommar Adventures (how skinny dipping transitioned into a full on Forrest rave, a never before Blank or Porno topic, @c.e.a.l’s comic update, and SO MUCH MORE! This episode is absolutely STACKED, check it out and don’t forget to follow @c.e.a.l on instagram! ALSO – Massive Shout out to Angelica Vannini aka @dandyangelicavanniniart for not only being an AMAZING artist, but also for pronouncing “Prisencolinensinainciusol” for us!

143 – The “PERFECT” Episode Ft. SmugsBunny

The “PERFECT” Episode … sounds too good to be true right? But anytime we say the word PERFECT on an episode we get feedback from SmugsBunny either to confirm or deny our claim, so this time rather than waiting to ask we invited him onto the episode so we could get answers in real time! Take your Personality Test HERE

St. Arik’s Day Special!

Ft. Ashley Lanna and SmugsBunny It’s the 35th Annual St. Arik’s Day and boy do we have a special bonus episode for you! If Oprah can have an episode with her favorite things, Arik deserves to have it too, right? Ashley Lanna @lullabythefearpodcast and Smugs @smugsbunny joined us to help make this St. Arik’s Day an extra special one. We played games, learned a lot about each other, and a St. Arik’s Day Miracle happened during the Blank or Porno segment. Check out the entire episode and don’t forget to follow us on IG @teamtandapodcast , Ashley @lullabythefearpodcast and Smugs @smugsbunny