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131 – The I.T Boys are BACK!

Crowd favorites Keaton and Cody are back on with us talking about MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS, The REAL WAY to play Minesweeper, bringing up the parallels between Sonny Bono and SkiFree, and more throw back and current Tech news and insights. ALSO we played the very first round of PORN STAR or COMIC BOOK CHARACTER! ****CORRECTION – […]

130 – Team T&A The Golden Age

Part freestyle and part history all in one episode! We had quite a few weeks and sum it all up for you here as well as some hate watching facts (if you watch “90 Day Fiancé” leave a comment!). We also talk about the Golden Age of Movies and have a list about that as […]

129 – Smugs Bunny The Passive Aggressive ROAST

Smugs Bunny is back with us and boy do we have something special for all of you! The first half of this episode is already stacked with a Blank or Porno, a few fun facts, and then a segment on people leaving and receiving passive aggressive notes. AND THEN the second half of this episode […]

Team T&A go to Therapy Ft. Sol Rapoport L.M.F.T

We know right? FINALLY! Team T&A Welcomed Sol Rapoport onto the show and talk all about Therapy. Who is Therapy for? How do you determine if a Therapist and approach are right for you? What can you get and expect out of Therapy? These and so many more questions will be answered in this episode. […]

128 – Revenge of the
Jon Noto

We knew he would be back! Our friend and favorite Tour Guide Jon Noto has been up to some pretty epic things and came back to us with stories and receipts to prove it. No snowy mountain was too tall for him to GO TENT CAMPING ON! Our F, Marry, Kill was a breeze for […]

127 – The Lustful Dynasty
Ft. Ashley

This episode has been a long time coming! We finally managed to get our dear friend Ashley onto the Podcast. Ashley is a Texas native who moved to California. She’s a living breathing Swiss Army Knife. She has been a Litigation Paralegal, a Radio Personality, an Executive Assistant and so much more. This is our […]

126 – Freestyle
Pt. 9

It’s been too long since we had our last freestyle! We went over Would you rather questions, hilarious news headlines, and more in this freestyle and we hope you learn something new but even more importantly LAUGH along with us!

120 – Phobias and Fetishes

***THIS EPISODE IS EXTREMELY VULGAR, PLEASE BE 18 + TO LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE!*** Ft Ashley Lanna What do you think of our new Intro theme music?! Ashley Lanna made it for us! This episode was way too much fun to record. We’ve been waiting for this episode to happen for a while, and luckily […]

121 – Jon Noto

Okay, full disclosure here. This was initially going to be an “I want to be A:” Episode but Jon Noto is so freaking interesting that it became an entire episode. We knew it even before we started recording so luckily we had SOME questions ready, but Jon is an absolute force. We can also now […]

Team T & A Festivus Roast

Welcome one and all to the first ever Team T&A Festivus Roast Ft. Ashley Lanna! We’ve been waiting for so long to do this, and we finally had a chance to air out our grievances to one another and share it right here with you! We took turns ripping one another to shreds and we […]