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Cover Art: C.E.A.L.

134 – The Burn Tapes

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Can you believe its been almost a YEAR since we last had @burn353 on?! After a long time away from us (while still doing other podcasts!) Burn is finally back on! We dispelled rumors about him from places online, we talked about the weirdest art commissions ever, learned about the LAP JOINT known as the Petting Zoo, reminisced about the past, and of course threw in some NSFW Dad Jokes. Check out the entire episode and follow @Burn353 on IG!

. . .and – we begged, we pleaded . . . and the man sent us pix of the famous “Bunny in a Blender” So here you go, folks, remember you saw it here first (unless you already saw it somewhere else, before, obviously!)

Blend Power Destroy