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my name is joel and i am 39 yrs old. i’ve been doodling and sketching for as long as i can remember. about 5 yrs ago i started to take it more seriously and got into painting. i think that’s when i started to think of myself as an “artist”. now, i don’t even know where i would be without art. it has become where i escape too to get away from the stress and anxiety of being a human now a days…anyway, now i spend most of my free time creating traditional and digital artwork. i love to draw stuff that either scares people, makes them laugh, or trips them out. and i love using bright colors and lots of detail. i was first turned on to @drawmearobot page a little over 3 years ago by @createdbyimre he hosted the prompt for the first dtiys i ever entered there. and i haven’t missed one since. i absolutely love the community of artists on this page. and i have met so many cool people thru artwork here. many of whom i now consider friends, even tho we’ve never met in person.

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