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DTIYS Challenge June 2024

Here it is, the DTIYS challenge for June! @lullabythefearpodcast is my favorite podcast and this month is very special to me. I was a
Elated that Ashley Lanna agrees to collaborate with me on this. At the end of each of her episodes, she shares a scary movie and invites people to send her their recommendations too. So this month the theme will be to draw your favorite horror movie Villain or movie poster in your own style, and of course with a Robotic twist! @lullabythefearpodcast is the winner of Canada’s 2023 True Crime Podcast of the year award and her research and dramatization are phenomenal, she is a massive supporter of the Robot Army and a huge movie nerd. I can’t wait to see what you all put together this month. Please follow @lullabythefearpodcast and @drawmearobot and tag us in your submissions so we can find and share your art! All submissions are due by MIDNIGHT June 20th! Good luck 🍀

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