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Header Photo by Michal Matlon

New Develop­­ments at DMAR HQ

Having received, unpacked unwrapped downloaded, and uploaded the first seventy Robot Army Portfolios manually, your faithful team of web-elves noticed that our typing fingers were wearing out and so we engaged the help of web genius and tech wizard

Tyler Garland

So now our fingers don’t hurt so much and probably we’ll be making fewer copying errors since this thing is now automated. It’s amazing what Tyler has done – could rant on about it for hours and what fun it has been working with him.

But for now I’ll just give you this.

Tyler looked out his window and saw a scorpion – that is a scorpion, right?

The first guineapig automated post (he didn’t know this) was by


And it’s looking good. Please do check it out, share it, follow him on Instagram all that good stuff.

One more thing – about the merch page we have been a bit tied up with other exciting stuff so sorry that’s taking a bit longer than it should have. Please keep watching this space, and if you want to be featured as a vendor of awesome stuff on that new page please do send us messages on the contact form in the footer of this and every page on this website.

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