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Zero­Psyche on Threadless

The full range of clothing, home furnishings and accessories from the Threadless range with any one of ten ZeroPsyche graphics.

New Develop­­ments at DMAR HQ

Having received, unpacked unwrapped downloaded, and uploaded the first seventy Robot Army Portfolios manually, your faithful team of web-elves noticed that our typing fingers were wearing out and so we engaged the help of web genius and tech wizard Tyler Garland So now our fingers don’t hurt so much and probably we’ll be making fewer […]

DTIYS Challenge May 2023

Here is May’s DTIYS CHALLENGE, with an epic prompt from @jfarms__ ! For this month’s challenge we want you to draw the scene from the picture above in your own style or draw the Tentacle-Bot in a scene of your own. Bonus points if you somehow incorporate your first DTIYS submission into the scene. (@jfarms__ did this […]

DTIYS Winners April 2023

CONGRATULATIONS @add_art / @add_clay_art ! This month was absolutely wild, @dooodling_dan put up such a unique prompt and the Robot Army answered the call in a massive way. @dandyangelicavanniniart came in second place and @gematimur took 3rd and for the second month in a row got to top 3! Thank you to the entire Robot Army for sharing your art and showing each other so […]

Board Panda Customs

Board Panda Customs is an artist who is known for his custom painted skateboards and other custom products!! He also likes to draw/illustrate/design as well!! If you like an anime/cartoon style check Board Panda out!!


Hey, I’m a French guy enjoying mostly traditional art with markers, but also experimenting with other mediums. Manga/Anime fan and sketch card enjoyer. Like to draw some bots every now and then too!


Cas is a world destroying monster who just wants to tell stories, and smother everything in ink. An individual with a wandering muse who takes them places, that is to say; they draw anything from flowers, and robots, to nightmare spirit beings accompanied by eyeball birds. Creator of a few notable comics: The Little Lost Robot, Mechanical Hearts Synthetic Flowers, The Unlucky Crow, and Mercury Grin.