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Self taught illustrator from Haiti, I stand in love with the brush pen. I illustrate cool characters and I also write cool letters. I enjoy using Black and White for final result.
All my illustrations are Handmade (traditional) then Traced after scanning.
There it is!

Supermurgitroid by Leslie

I like off-beat things, but I also believe embracing my weird is what makes me Leslie. The eclectic things I like are whimsical and fun, they can do good and be positive influences. My robots are a mental release, and each are a little nugget of my soul. I connect with each piece so deeply I get lost in these stories as I’m creating them.

DTIYS Challenge
August 2023

THIS IS THE DTIYS STYLE FOR AUGUST! I reached out to @benson.ink with a special request, and he was ALL IN! We want to do something together as a community and raise funds for  @sss_oxnardcollege We are going to auction off @benson.ink original prompt (the lighter color traditional piece) and are asking ANYONE who would like to also sell […]

DTIYS Winners July 2023

We are wrapped up for July! 1st place goes to . . . @dandyangelicavanniniart 2nd place is @barry_neeson and 3rd place goes to @tyreke_the_artslayer ! Congratulations to all 3 of you and a massive thank you to @spacefisharmy for sharing this opportunity with the Robot Army! Thank you once again to all of the Robot […]

DTIYS Challenge July 2023

It’s time for the JULY DTIYS CHALLENGE! @spacefisharmy is cooking up something massive and they want YOU to be part of it. They are looking for their next collaboration artists! Please make sure to follow both @spacefisharmy and my page. Have your underwater/Steampunk submissions sent over to us by July 20th and make sure to […]

DTIYS Winners June 2023

OKAY!! 1st place is @illustrierteflachwitze. 2nd place is @starkhousecreative and 3rd place is @chica.artofficial !! Congratulations to all three of you and a massive shout out to @sketched_reality for being the cohost this month and hooking us up with an awesome prompt and prizes! We are cooking up something MASSIVE with @spacefisharmy for July. Please […]

DTIYS Challenge June 2023

@sketched_reality is our prompt artist this month so you already know there’s pokemon involved. We want you to either draw his prompt in your style or choose your favorite Pokemon and turn them into a Robot. Good luck and get ready because ST. ARIK’S DAY IS IN JUNE AND WE HAVE A TON OF GIVEAWAYS for […]

DTIYS Winners May 2023

Congratulations!! 1st place goes to @tyme_illustration With that awesome (and unusual for him) piece of trad drawing above. 2nd place goes to @one.dark.day.arts and 3rd place is @ram0nley !! This month was phenomenal. Thank you to all of the Robot Army artists who participated and to all of the Robot Army Members who voted and […]

Live! The NEW Robo-Merch Page

The new all singing all dancing restyled and updated Robo Merch page is now Live and it’s stacked up with all the stuff you want. So now you can point your friends and granny at one place on the whole interweb as you gently remind them about your upcoming birthday, house-warming, names day, wedding, holiday, […]