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Wow! Let’s take a moment and talk about August. This month’s DTIYS challenge had an added mission attached to it. We wanted to raise money to donate to Oxnard Colleges’ TRIO/SSS Program. They help 140 Students every year with a budget of only $10,000. The program is for First Gen students, and or low income […]


Last years Scholarship was a collective effort and an absolutely amazing start. This time, we’re aiming even higher! I am partnering up with @Benson.ink for a new DTIYS round unlike any we have ever done before. We are going to auction off the original prompt done by @Benson.ink at the end of the round and […]


So check this out, we got challenged by Ashley Lanna from @lullabythefearpodcast to take the Free Personality test and share our results. Not only did we do it, we also got @Smugsbunny to do it too! Here are our results AND we’ll include the link so you can fill it out too! TAKE THE TEST […]

Live! The NEW Robo-Merch Page

The new all singing all dancing restyled and updated Robo Merch page is now Live and it’s stacked up with all the stuff you want. So now you can point your friends and granny at one place on the whole interweb as you gently remind them about your upcoming birthday, house-warming, names day, wedding, holiday, […]

The Cat House on The Kings

May 6th 2023 The Cat House on The Kings had their annual Spring Fling event! They host this event once a year and it brings in a massive crowd, tons of needed donations and a lot of applications for cat adoptions. For the past 3 years Arik has gone to their events and enjoyed seeing […]

New Develop­­ments at DMAR HQ

Having received, unpacked unwrapped downloaded, and uploaded the first seventy Robot Army Portfolios manually, your faithful team of web-elves noticed that our typing fingers were wearing out and so we engaged the help of web genius and tech wizard Tyler Garland So now our fingers don’t hurt so much and probably we’ll be making fewer […]

GRAFF STREET + Artdecypher Sticker Wall

Calling all sticker artists globally! @artdecypher has teamed up with @graffstreet_projects for an International sticker wall project. Head to the link in our bio to apply. The 2023 refresh of The Blacksmiths Way Graffiti and Street Art Project includes graffiti, street, stencil and installation artists, and yarn bombers. We are also keen to feature sticker artists. With a dedicated […]

Reddit Gen 3 Avatars Ft. @Benson­­.ink

Reddit will be dropping their Gen 3 Avatars soon and Brendan will be releasing 3 Robots into the mix! “I’m excited to announce I’ll be part of Reddit’s third generation of avatars! Check r/CollectibleAvatars for more news!” – Brendan CHECK IT OUT HERE

Who Can Make A Profile?

This is the question we get sent the most! If you are an artist, or a creative of any kind this website is for you and you are welcome to make your own FREE Robot Army Member Profile. If you have submitted art to our Instagram page, have been featured, you too are qualified! Your […]


This website was the brainchild of Arik (@drawmearobot) and Nick (@nickjamesillustrator). We wanted a place for all of the Robot Army Members to be able to see who else is in the community. Without all of the clutter, noise, ALGORITHMS, likes, or distractions. It’s meant for YOU to be able to share your art, your […]