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Last years Scholarship was a collective effort and an absolutely amazing start. This time, we’re aiming even higher!

I am partnering up with @Benson.ink for a new DTIYS round unlike any we have ever done before. We are going to auction off the original prompt done by @Benson.ink at the end of the round and will be donating all of the profits to the TRIO SSS Program. NOW, we are also going to ask that anyone else who would like to sell and donate any portion of their profit to the program to do so as well. We are going to pool all of the money and give it all to the TRIO SSS Program.

If you’d like to donate to them without waiting or being part of the pool we are collecting you are absolutely welcome to do that through this LINK

Here is some info about the TRIO SSS Program ( i took this directly from their website)


TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded program intended to serve 140 eligible Oxnard College students. 


We provide:

  • Academic Advising: our program has its very own academic counselor that our program participants will have exclusive access to. That means avoiding long waits, truly getting to know your counselor,  and getting all of your academic questions answered in order to help you reach your educational goals ASAP!
  • Workshops: We are committed to working with other campus departments to provide workshops including: financial aid/literacy, transfer, career exploration, college applications, resume building, mental health/well-being, and more! We will look to YOU to tell us what your needs are to help us in developing relevant workshops
  • Tutoring: We will offer additional tutoring support to our students who need that extra help!
  • Mentorship: We are currently working on developing a mentorship pipeline in which YOU will be connected to a mentor AND you will also mentor a TRIO high school student. It is in giving that we receive, and YOU have much to offer the next generation.
  • A Home Away From Home: Our office is set up to feel like home- we have areas to study, a lounge area (yes couches), a TV, a kitchen, and simply put, a place for you to go when you’re not in class.
  • AND MORE: Anyone you talk to who has been part of any TRIO program will tell you that the sense of family and connection is what makes our programs so unique. Come find out for yourself. 

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